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About us

“Our Passion, our work”

We´re from Sax, a town from the “Alto Vinalopó” of Alicante, an area famous for its shoe industry and fondness of cycling

We carry 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of technical items in foam and leather for the international shoe industry

It was meant to happen, to be more precise in 2007, in an international shoe fair somebody challenged us to manufacture a saddle, with the excuse that a saddle and an insole are basically the same including a base and a rail

Family tradition and experience in footwear of Joaquin Gil, heart and soul of Essax® and his passion for cycling were the origin of our brand

From then till today, the enthusiasm for the product and the brand remain intact, because we have the great fortune to work in our passion, which we try to put in each and every one of our saddles



100% made in Spain

The main value we have as a company are our operators because in a factory where the function of the machines is reduced to a minimum it’s their hands that have the ability and patience to create our saddles.

Each and every one of the Essax® have been designed, injected, formed, embossed, screen-printed, prints, lined, glued, sanded, railed, supervised and packed in our facilities in Sax by professional craftsmen.